Crofting's New Voices

A film about the ambitions of a new generation from the land.

Crofting's New Voices was commissioned by the Scottish Crofting Federation and was filmed during their annual gathering: Young Crofters 20:20. The gathering was the largest gathering in history to bring together young crofters and aspiring crofters. It asked what they and crofting needed to survive and thrive. The purpose of the film is to inform policy makers and agitate a new movement in crofting.

"If there aren’t young people to come after us crofting will stop… so we need to do a lot for the young people, and I see that there is now an awakening." Ena MacDonald, Crofting Elder

Crofting's New Voices premiered at the Cross Party Group on Crofting at the Scottish Parliament and went on to screen at The Elders Voices Summit in Canada, the Hebridean International Film Festival in Scotland and Food Up in Italy. It screens as part of Scotland's Foodscape Symposium in Summerhall, Edinburgh, this April.

West Highland Free Press newspaper article Film-maker turns her lens on the future of crofting in the Highlands

For more info on crofting visit Scottish Crofting Federation

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Director and Producer
14.20 mins

Designed by Iain Craig
DVDs: Designed by Iain Craig

Farquhar MacRae
Film still: Farquhar MacRae

Rhona Jane Polson
Film still: Rhona Jane Polson

Cheryl McIntyre
Film still: Cheryl McIntyre

Rob Humphrey
Film still: Rob Humphrey