Food from the Croft
Crofting: We are the Future

Crofting Connections, an organisation that provides the opportunity for young people to value and respect their environmental heritage and to balance this with their need to work and live in this context, held a gathering in Assynt in October 2014. They invited secondary school pupils, teachers and crofters to discuss the future of crofting and their ideas for crofters producing food for their local communities. Nearly a third of the pupils live on working crofts, some in community-owned crofting estates. Over half said they would like to work in their communities after finishing their studies.

'Food from the Croft' formed part of Crofting Connections’ response to the Scottish Government’s consultation Becoming a Good Food Nation.
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watch 'Crofting: We are the Future' here

watch 'Food from the Croft' here

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Pupils from Kinlochbervie
Film still: Pupils from Kinlochbervie

Pupils visit Redbraes Croft
Film still: Pupils visit Redbraes Croft

Lachie Robinson
Film still: Lachie Robinson

Crofter Ray MacKay talks to pupils
Film still: Crofter Ray MacKay talks to pupils

Crofting Connections
Film still: Crofting Connections