Seeing the Woods for the Trees

Seeing the Woods for the Trees: Recognising the Potential of Farm Woodlands

The Scottish Farming Innovation Network aims to inform and inspire farmers and growers to implement best management practices for sustainable and profitable agriculture based on agro-ecological and organic approaches. In partnership with Soil Association Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and the Central Scotland Green Network they hosted a farm Woodland-themed event to highlight the benefits of integrating trees and farms. This was illustrated by agroforestry for livestock, small scale farm woodland management, and the ‘right tree in the right place’. The film's purpose was to highlight these benefits to farmers and signpost further information sources.
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Director, Producer, Editor
4 mins

Farmer Adam Strange
Film still: Farmer Adam Strange

Hagbrae Farm woodland
Film still: Hagbrae Farm woodland

Forest specialist Donald McPhillimy
Film Still: Forest specialist Donald McPhillimy

Discussing soil and trees
Film still: Discussing soil and trees