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Xiang Wan suddenly relieved. Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys free shipping Feng Yu heard, Mouguang a lag, indeed, as Fung Che said, if not to solve the case earlier, I am afraid that attracted criticism over the classroom, which he won the entropy is very negative. Italian children some fear, the subconscious to evening among small head arms drill, and fear and injustice, "Niangqin, they say you kill people . Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys from china " Feng Yu surprised, looked at the evening among a look to the behind and Zhangcheng Ying Feng Che." Near the front of the man suddenly spoke up, like a breeze indoor voice was stunned crowd looking upheaval.

The man named sunrise evening among a coldly askance, this retreat aside, the evening among immediately turned his head, cocked his head to see the phoenix and followed up Zhangcheng Ying Che, tightlipped, "Phoenix three princes this is the meaning of a few? " Fung Che looks unchanged, slowly came forward a few steps, said, "inn dead man and nature is strictly anyone out, come out to the girl at the moment, the sun is just following orders." Xiang Wan looked at the sun is gone, indeed, now it was late, if we do not go out, I'm afraid to wait until the day of the bazaar are dark. But she knew that did not go with Italian children are, after all, intended to children is the son of phoenix feather, she a concubine, meaning children are not her own flesh and blood, there is no reason to take him. wholesale Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys for sale " But picked evening among eyebrow, slowly approached the woman that step Guanzhong, "if no one has given me a stick of incense queen, and I'll talk about the second wife's death?" Zhangcheng Ying not yet open, it has Wuzuo sneer, "how? Could there also understand autopsy girl? Or the girl will feel decrepit test wrong?" Wuzuo think he did what the dead have not seen for decades? This corpse is, after ordinary kill postmortem and faked drowned deceptions, even such a simple cause of death will be a girl questioned Wuzuo clearly not convinced.

She held out her hand to check carefully, when you see that a pair of bare feet bruising toes, her eyes meal, a moment later saw the white cloth cover is good to start with the tools to take post-mortem. Nor that she was not making money, but after all, have to find a way, as now reached faster. you are not going decapitated ? Italian children .! "It seems so, apart from some of the solitary figure of not more than two ladies' man, I'm afraid there are others within the government suspects, seven princes, to continue to check it?" "Charles, of course, check!" Phoenix feather eyes stare, look to Zhangcheng Ying, "more than you want to check, but also check very clear! The king'd like to see in the end who is so snake-hearted killed more than benefit children, also . Xiang Wan glanced at him, smiled, "is actually very simple, but I questioned servant that night to stay in the palace fills, and the second wife daily contact with what people, especially outsiders!" "In fact, when you create a series of killer death wound me to conclude that the murderer must not ordinary people.