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" Wuzuo will soon be brought to, but that obviously is afraid Wuzuo seven princes who, carefully check the time, did not dare open clothes, fingers pressed places the utmost care, about half an hour after that before Wuzuo to Hui Bing Road, "Royal Highness Queen Qibing two people dead and should be the first victim died after being thrown into the water, mortally wounded in the head, the body has slight bruising should be alive with people due to a dispute and found no signs of poisoning. wholesale Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys Lunch in the cold days, she only wore a Baoshan, clothes stained with blood, is clearly welt. wholesale Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys from china * Although the evening drew on, or to hire a coach to the city, because the flower is double the price. girl to the autopsy special means, please help the girl, if things are that the government has given weight thanks! " Re-bloom? Xiang Wan raised an eyebrow. Ruthless CEO: Fall in love with little rookie Fung Che turned around, looked at him, pale Road, "since it is you, you should not find her Jingzhao town hall, town hall since handed over Jingzhao that Jingzhao town hall case, how to deal with how to settle a lawsuit the town hall of the people have a decision. wholesale Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys

Behind Zhang Feng Che Cheng Yingli not far away, to see her have found a distinct appearance of silence. As we all know, once people were injured, the body that there will be varying degrees of bruising damage, but if the minor injuries, but not trained vigorously pressed As bruising, skin surface, although this time there is no trace, but the body is actually responsive, subcutaneous bleeding, and dead skin around the nose and mouth bleeding has described the murderer is cover your nose and mouth of the deceased, sealed her breath before so she suffocated. After four imperial rivalry shadow in power "That night is midnight, the night strong, he can only under panic rush to pack your medicine cabinet, and the powder scattered on the ground, as well as a silver needle, he did not find. Finally, she smiled and said, "Da personal Jingzhao prefect, certainly encountered many cases, in fact, many homicide real clue is in the bodies of the body, as long as a good inspection body, many difficult problems can be solved.

" "Since it is the second wife were killed elsewhere, but appeared in the water, it must be people drag over to the second wife of stature, to drag in the palace and not be noticed, it is clear to my height and weight We can not afford it, and I were not close with the Azeri government and Nagai backyard weekdays people around, it was only intended to children ." When these words said fundus reveals a phoenix feather silk irony, as if laughing at her nonsense. The man named sunrise evening among a coldly askance, this retreat aside, the evening among immediately turned his head, cocked his head to see the phoenix and followed up Zhangcheng Ying Che, tightlipped, "Phoenix three princes this is the meaning of a few? " Fung Che looks unchanged, slowly came forward a few steps, said, "inn dead man and nature is strictly anyone out, come out to the girl at the moment, the sun is just following orders.